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Knits Cool


The Knit's Cool™ Knitting Studio is a revolutionary new tool that makes it super easy to knit!
The unique Knit Posts™ allow you to knit without having to struggle with knitting needles.
This kit has everything you need to start knitting right away, including fashion yarn, patterns and accessories to make three complete Knit's Cool™ projects.
Once you learn the simple Post Knitting™ method, you can create your own designs and experiment with different yarn and stitches like purl, cables and ribs!! Start knitting today with the revolutionary Knit's Cool™Knitting Studio!


  • The Knit's Cool™ Knitting Studio already comes assembled, just choose your project, pop in the Knitting Posts™ and start knitting!
  • Includes enough yarn to make an Infinity Scarf, a Boho Headband and a Phone Case
  • Three different sized Knitting Posts™ are included to help you design your own custom creations, as well as buttons and charms to personalize your projects
  • Learn how to create your projects even faster by checking out the How-To videos


  • 20 yds (18m) of Pink Synthetic Yarn
  • 20 yds (18m) of Blue Synthetic Yarn
  • 10 yds (9m) of Purple Synthetic Yarn
  • 4 Buttons/Charms
  • 3 pairs of Knit Posts™
  • 1 Sewing Needle
  • 1 Knits Cool™ Yarn Holder
  • 1 Crochet Hook
  • 1 Row Counter
  • 1 Knits Cool™ Storage Studio Base
  • 1 Instruction Guide

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