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How to Train Your Dragon

Action Dragon Figures: Belch & Barf Zippleback

Enter the world of DreamWorks Dragons with the fully loaded Belch & Barf! Stretching 11 inches in length and capable of real wing flapping action, Belch & Barf also feature wacky flex necks for crazy double headed attacks! Build your Dragon collection as you choose from Toothless, Belch and Barf, Stormfly and more! Featuring missile attacks, wing flapping action and light up flame attacks, each Dragon has their very own unique action. Compatible with 3 inch Viking figures (sold separately), kids can recreate their favorite DreamWorks Dragons scenes and bring the story to life. Soar through the skies with DreamWorks Action Dragons!


  • The 11 inch Belch & Barf Zippleback Action Dragon has real wing flapping action and features wacky flex necks for swinging double headed attacks!
  • There are multiple Action Dragons to collect! Discover each of their unique abilities and build your Defenders of Berk collection!
  • Choose from Toothless, Belch and Barf, Stormfly and more! All have their very own Dragon feature!
  • Combine them with the 3 inch Viking Figures (sold separately) and take to the skies with DreamWorks Action Dragons!


  • 1 Belf & Barf Zippleback Action Dragon

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