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La Dee Da

Juicy Crush - Tylie as Grape Shake- Up

Guess what? The La Dee Da girls got after-school jobs at a smashing smoothie bar. The uniforms were kinda boredinary, so they each designed fruity-cute new work outfits! Tylie is all twisted up – her makeup, halter dress, and shoes are inspired by grapes! She’s crushing on purple and has designed the ultimate dee-vine treat! Each Juicy Crush doll is packed with style – that shakes things up!


  • Grape Inspired Outfit Featuring Halter Dress & Makeup
  • Elaborate Grape Inspired Hairstyle
  • Matching Platform Shoes
  • Smoothie Cup Packaging


  • 1 Doll
  • 1 Fruit-Themed Outfit
  • 1 Pairs of Shoes
  • 1 Hair accessory

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