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Monsters University

Monster Brights - Sulley Flashlight

Scare off Monsters of the night with Sulley and the Monsters University Monsters Brights! Bring Sulley to bed and lift his arms anytime you hear a bump in the night. Sulley will respond by projecting an image while speaking and lighting up the room! Kids can sleep safe and sound knowing he’s always there to protect them. Make bedtime safe and sound with Sulley and the Monsters University Monster Brights!


  • Now kids can scare off “bumps in the night” with the Monsters Brights Sulley Light!
  • When it’s dark at night kids can lift Sulley’s arms and he’ll project a lit up image of himself up on the wall.
  • Sulley includes 3 AAA batteries. Each time you lift Sulley’s arms, he has a new phrase to say!
  • Monster Brights Sulley makes a great companion for bedtime, camping or sleepovers and brings home the magic of Monsters University!


  • 1 Monster Brights Light
  • 1 Instruction Guide

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