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Tenkai Knights

Tenkai Knights - 2-in-1 Volt Jet / Sky Griffin 11001

Volt Jet
Own the skies of Quarton with the powerful 2-in-1 shapeshifting Volt Jet and Sky Griffin. Unleash your Tenkai power as you construct the mighty Volt Jet. Roam the skies with Tributon as you fly this legendary ship into battle. Blast away at Vilius and his corrupted army with a missile launching action brick and send them into a frenzied retreat!

Sky Griffin
But beware! Corrupted Tenkai energy has the power to transform the Volt Jet into the evil Sky Griffin! Stand your ground in battle as the Volt Jet unleashes its powerful attacks on the Tenkai forces. Battle head-to-head against Pivix for the fate of Quarton! Only you can you can decide who will be victorious in the epic Tenkai battle of good vs evil!

IONIX: the revolutionary line of never before seen construction bricks that change their shape before your eyes! These construction bricks shapeshift and change to become mini figures, action figures, weapons, gear, gadgets and more. What's more, our bricks snap together with other leading construction systems. IONIX: Shapeshift, build, unleash!

Product Instructions


  • Revolutionize construction play with the shapeshifting bricks of Tenkai Knights powered by the IONIX construction system!
  • Compatible with major construction brands, these bricks are like nothing you've seen before. Bricks that come alive with unexpected surprises.
  • Build the 2-in-1 Volt Jet or Sky Griffin reconfiguring the Tenkai Powered Titan Brick in 2 unique ways!
  • Unleash the power of 2 shapeshifting Mini Figure Bricks and a Missile Launching Action Brick!


  • 2 Shapeshifting Mini-Figures
  • 1 Action Brick
  • 1 Shapeshifting Titan Brick
  • 94 Additional Pieces

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