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Dance and Fly Fairy - Lilac

Unlock the magical dancing of Flutterbye Dance and Fly Fairies. Place Lilac on her perfume bottle and pull the string to see her fly. Watch as she gracefully ascends performing beautiful pirouettes. As she descends Lilac will magically dance and twirl across any smooth surface. It’s an enchanting experience that brings the fantasy of fairies to life. Unveil a magical whirlwind of flight and dance with Lilac Dance and Fly Fairy!


  • Dance and Fly Fairy - Lilac possesses the magic of flight and dance. Only you can unlock her magic!
  • Place Lilac on her beautiful perfume bottle, pull the string and watch as she gracefully twirls while ascending into the air.
  • Lilac descends, magically dancing and twirling across any smooth surface.
  • Dance and Fly Fairies are made for girls who believe in magic!
  • For ages 5+.


  • 1 Dance and Fly Fairy
  • 1 Perfume Bottle Launcher
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

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