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Sick Bricks

Sick Bricks Big Sick Character Pack, Heroes vs. Monsters

Sick City is under attack and only you have the power to save it! The Evil Overlord Omega and his goons of mutants, monsters and aliens are on a rampage destroying the City, bringing it to rubble. Now it's up to you to join forces with Jack Justice and the Sick Bricks to stop him. How? Build your Sick Bricks character in the real world, then use your smartphone or tablet camera (device sold separately) to optically beam it into the free Sick Bricks game! Your character will instantly come to life and you will uncover their unique special powers and combat abilities to save Sick City. With the Big Sick Character Pack, Heroes vs. Monsters, build the heroic Major Blazer, a tough-as-nails space marine, or Captain Blockbeard, a scallywag who is known for his adventures on the seven seas, then beam them into the game. Enemies will run for cover when the Major uses his powerful xeno-missile or the Captain launches his blunderbuss gun. Get sucked into the game with Sick Bricks!


  • Get sucked into the game with Major Blazer, Captain Blockbeard, their sidekicks and vehicles
  • Battle against Omega Overlord to save Sick City
  • Build and beam the characters into the free Sick Bricks game
  • Use your own smartphone or tablet camera and uncover their unique combat capabilities
  • Ram through and smash enemy goons in the game with the powerful additions of the Major's Mech Suite and the Captain's Pirate Raft
  • Download the Sick Bricks Game for free on iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle (device not included)
  • Includes: 2 Sick Bricks figures, 2 vehicles, 2 Sick Bricks Monsters, 2 instruction sheets
  • For gamers 6+


  • 2 Sick Bricks Figure
  • 2 Vehicle
  • 2 Sick Bricks Monster
  • Instruction Sheets

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