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Sick Bricks

Sick Bricks, Big Sick Character Pack Bucky Blastoff vs Berserker Bot

The Sick Bricks Big Sick Pack lets you build Bucky Blastoff, his loyal sidekick robot Berserker Bot and his space scooter vehicle. Once your characters are constructed, use your smartphone or tablet to scan Bucky Blastoff, his scooter and Berserker Bot into the free Sick Bricks game, and uncover their unique combat abilities. You can even mix, match, stack, and swap parts between your real-world Bucky Blastoff figure and other Sick Bricks characters to create wicked new combos! Scan your new hybrid characters into the game to unlock their secret powers! With so many Sick Bricks figures to collect, there are thousands of combinations to unlock! It’s TOTALLY SICK! And it’s as simple as stack, scan, and attack! Get sucked into the game with Bucky Blastoff and Sick Bricks!


  • Get sucked into the game with Bucky Blastoff and his sidekick Berserker Bot as you battle against Omega Overlord and his goons to save Sick City!
  • Say, what? Get sucked into the game? 3D-scan Bucky Blastoff, scooter, or sidekick into the Sick Bricks game using your smartphone or tablet camera.
  • Want more powers? Muscle-up by mix and matching Bucky Blastoff with any Sick Bricks figure and scan it into the game to unlock super-sick powers!
  • Made for sick gamers ages 6+. Download the Sick Bricks Game for FREE on iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle. Device not included.


  • 1 Sick Bricks Figure
  • 1 Vehicle
  • 1 Sick Bricks Monster
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

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