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DigiPenguins™ - Single Pack - Chilly

We flap! We sing! We dance! Dive into the tweet life with DigiPenguins! This super-cute Penguin can sing 58 melodies! Just blow into the included Whistle Ring and watch Chilly come to life as he twists to the music! But that’s not all! DigiPenguins get even better; when they’re close they sing and dance together. They even sync and sing with all DigiBirds and DigiChicks! Collect multiple Penguins to hear them harmonize in a DigiPenguins choir. And with 3 unique dance moves you can discover an entire colony of cool, dancing Penguins that rock, twist or sway! Dive into the tweet life with DigiPenguins!


  • Dive into the tweet life with Chilly! The super-cute DigiPenguin that twists!
  • Chilly sings 58 melodies and comes with a whistle ring that makes him sing and twist!
  • DigiPenguins get even better! When they’re close they sing and dance together. Collect multiple DigiPenguins and create a harmonizing choir!
  • DigiPenguins are made for kids 5+ and come with 3 LR44 batteries included.


  • 1 DigiPenguin
  • 1 Whistle ring
  • 3 LR44 batteries
  • 1 Instruction guide

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