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Multimodels - 20 Model Motorized Set - race car

Build, rebuild and create with Meccano Multimodels! Each metal construction system unlocks endless possibilities as you use 2 real tools to build a variety of functioning vehicles. Start your engines with this 20 Model Set and its 3V electrical motor! Construct a real working Racecar and take it all a part and rebuild 19 other motorized models including a Side Car, Prop-Plane, Formula 1 Racer and more! It’s a 20-in-1 motorized construction set with 270+ pieces to inspire limitless imagination as your child builds and develops their motor skills. The future is yours to build with Meccano!


  • The Meccano Multimodel 20 Model Motorized Set unlocks endless construction possibilities with its 3V electrical motor as you build 1 of 20 motorized models!
  • Start your engine as you build a real working Racecar and take it all apart to rebuild 19 other models! Includes 270+ pieces.
  • Made with real metal parts, each Multimodel kit utilizes 2 tools to build strong quality models.
  • The Meccano Multimodel 20 Model Set is made for children ages 8+.


  • 270+ pieces including working gears
  • 3V electrical motor
  • 2 real tools
  • 1 instruction sheet

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