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Pancham vs Eevee Playset 30701

Shapeshift, build, unleash! Revolutionize construction play with the incredible shapeshifting bricks of the IONIX construction system, now featuring characters from the world of Pokémon! The IONIX Pancham vs. Eevee Playset shapeshifts from bricks into Pokémon ready for a battle in the forest! Unleash an entire assortment of shapeshifting Pokémon IONIX bricks, as you build them up for battle. Look for your all-time favorite Pokémon to build your team! Gotta Catch ’Em All!™


  • IONIX: the next dimension of construction play! Bricks are compatible with other major brands, but they shapeshift to become mini-figures, gadgets & more.
  • Build Pancham and Eevee Mini-Figures, plus the Rockslide Playset. Activate the Rockslide, to surprise your opponent with a boulder attack!
  • IONIX Pokémon Pancham vs. Eevee Playset is for ages 6-14.


  • 66 pieces

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