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Special Edition - Tower Bridge

Recreate some of the world’s most phenomenal monuments and engineering marvels with realistic Meccano-Erector Special Edition sets! People travel from around the world to experience London’s suspension Tower Bridge spanning the River Thames. Now you can easily build your own replica of this iconic drawbridge and its pair of towers using Meccano-Erector metallic colored parts and real tools provided! Once complete, the stunning scale model of Tower Bridge will include a working drawbridge. The Meccano-Erector Special Edition Tower Bridge set comes complete with step by step instructions, 742 metal parts and a real wrench and hex tool set. Display and play with your extremely durable Tower Bridge again and again. Recreate the world around you by collecting the entire monument series to expand your landscape. The future is yours to build with the Meccano-Erector Special Edition Tower Bridge Set!


  • Using 742 metallic colored parts & the 2 custom tools provided, create a dynamic scale model of London’s Tower Bridge, including a working drawbridge
  • Meccano-Erector construction set develops beginner-engineering skills, using real tools and logical thinking.
  • The completed Tower Bridge replica measures 22.25” long by 2.5” wide by 4.5” tall: a truly impressive structure to show off your creative efforts!
  • The Meccano-Erector Special Edition Tower Bridge is for kids ages 8+. No batteries required.


  • 742 pieces
  • Real wrench and hex tools
  • Instruction sheet

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