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Zoomer Chomplingz - Mantis

Meet Zoomer Chomplingz Mantis — the mini dino with big bite! This ‘lil mischief-maker is packed full of interactive games to play. His advanced mouth and nose sensors let him sense where you are. Try your hand at a round of Sound Warp, Hot Hands or a bone-chomping game of catch! Just toss his Bone Accessory into his mouth and watch him bite down and catch it. Remember, he’s full of bite! Use it to your advantage as you set him up in guard mode to watch over your room. He’s a loyal ‘chompanion’ who will growl if anyone tries to touch what he’s protecting. Push, play and chomp with Mantis as you get into mischief with his teeth chomping action. Discover Mantis and Chomplingz fun you can sink your teeth into! Zoomer Chomplingz — full of life, full of bite!


  • Don’t let his size fool you — he may be small, but Mantis packs a big chomp!
  • Play multiple interactive games! Are you fast enough for Hot Hands? Warped enough for Sound warp? Watch him catch his Dino Bone accessory!
  • Push, play and chomp with Mantis! This mischief-maker may be small, but he’s got big chomping action!
  • Chomplingz Mantis is made for kids ages 5+. Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation (not included)


  • 1 Zoomer Chomplingz
  • 1 Bone Accessory
  • 1 Instruction Guide

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