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Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls, Townsville Pack, Action Figures, Walmart Exclusive

Bring home all your favorite Powerpuff Girls characters with this Townsville Pack with 3 action figures! Complete your Powerpuff Girls collection with these Townsville favorites, found only at Walmart. The Townsville Pack includes Fuzzy Lumpkins, The Mayor, and Manboy — each with their own unique accessory. These detailed characters are perfect for play and display. Save the world before bedtime with the Powerpuff Girls and all the quirky Townsville characters!


  • This Walmart Exclusive pack includes all your favorite Townsville characters: Fuzzy Lumpkins, The Mayor, and Manboy.
  • Powerpuff Girls action figures are highly-detailed characters perfect for play and display.
  • Collect all of the Powerpuff Girls action figures (each sold separately) to recreate your favorite action-packed moments from the show!
  • Powerpuff Girls action figures are for ages 5+.


  • 3 Action Figures
  • 3 Accessories

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