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Air Hogs

Micro Race Drone

Enter the world of drone racing with Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone. Novice or advanced pilots can use this fast and nimble race drone to follow in the footsteps of Luke Bannister, the world’s drone-racing champion! This indoor drone is equipped with flight assist technologies such as beginner and advanced mode, height lock, automatic take-off, and auto-land.


  • Compete in adrenaline-fueled indoor drone racing with this nimble flyer that is perfect for agility in small spaces.
  • Flight assist technology with automatic take-off/land and height-lock makes racing easy for even first time flyers.
  • Engineered with durable ducted propellers for enduring tumbles and crashes.


  • 1 Micro Race Drone
  • 1 Controller
  • 1 USB charge cable
  • 1 User Instruction Guide

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