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Doctor Dreadful

Doctor Dreadful Zombies – Food Refill Candy and Drink Mix for Candy Maker

Running low on supplies in your deranged lab? Replenish with the Doctor Dreadful Zombies Food Refill. Packed into this box is brain mix, brain activator mix, barf mix, zombie skin mix and bug mix. It’s everything a mad scientist needs to invent horrifying – yet delicious – creations! Use these supplies in the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab and Parasite Lab (each sold separately) and scare your loved ones with your disgusting treats!


  • Stock up on gross ingredients with the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab Food Refill.
  • This package contains the ingredients to create bubbling brains, zombie barf, zombie flesh and creepy crawly bugs in the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab!
  • Use these mixes in the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab or Parasite Lab (each sold separately), which has all the tools you need to start experimenting!
  • Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab Food Refill is made for kids aged 5+.


  • 1 Brain Mix
  • 1 Brain Activator Mix
  • 1 Barf Mix Part 1
  • 1 Barf Mix Part 2
  • 1 Skin Mix
  • 1 Bug Mix

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