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Tech Deck Dudes

Tech Deck Dudes – 2-Pack Collectible Skater Figures with Boards (Styles and Colors May Vary)

Hit the skate park and ride with the Dudes! Now you can collect a duo of twisted skaters, just waiting to pull off sweet stunts! With detailed features, grungy outfits and sick boards, these Dudes are the real deal. Take them with you wherever you go, using the included wheel display! This carrying case doubles as a chill zone, where Dudes can hang out. Collect more wheels and you can connect them together and build an entire wall filled with skaters! With 70 misfits to collect, you can start your own squad with this bad-to-the-bone duo. Always ready for a prank, one Dude remains hidden, so you never know who you’ll find! Grab ‘em all and start skating with Tech Deck Dudes!


  • Ridiculous! Relentless! Fearless! Tech Deck Dudes are awesome collectible mini skaters with epic personalities, grungy styles and removable skateboards. Collect all 70 misfits and make your own squad!
  • Use the carrying case wheel to store or display your Dude! Collect more wheels and you can connect them together, building an entire wall of chill skaters!
  • The Dudes live for pranks! While one Dude is visible, the other one is hidden from view, so you never know which misfit you’ll get!
  • Tech Deck Dudes are for kids aged 5 and up. Small parts included.


  • 2 Tech Deck Dudes
  • 2 Skateboards
  • 1 Wheel Display
  • 2 Connectors
  • 1 Collector Map
  • Stickers

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