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Rube Goldberg

The Robot Factory Challenge

Can you build a real working robot factory? Stretch your inventing skills in a hysterical new way with the latest Rube Goldberg playset! Made by Wonderology, this set is inspired by the famous American cartoonist and inventor, best known for his hilarious and complex contraptions devised to perform simple tasks – only now, the task is not so simple! See if you can assemble the pieces provided to create a factory capable of making an entire robot! You’ll learn how levers and motors work as you construct this interactive STEM set. Build, discover and play with The Robot Factory. Collect and connect all of the Rube Goldberg playsets to create bigger, funnier, and more complex inventions!


  • Rube Goldberg is the world of hilarious inventions where you build a wacky chain reaction of contraptions to complete a challenge!
  • The Robot Factory Challenge is an interactive and hands-on STEM kit that helps kids explore how levers and motors work in a fun and exciting way!
  • Collect and connect all the Rube Goldberg kits and invent your own hilarious chain reaction!
  • Rube Goldberg The Robot Factory Challenge is for kids aged 8+.


  • 1 scientist Rube
  • 1 robot head
  • 1 robot torso
  • 2 robot arms
  • 1 robot legs
  • 1 ball
  • 1 bowling ball
  • 2 small boxes
  • 1 large box
  • 1 conveyor belt front
  • 1 conveyor belt back with bricks
  • 5 rollers
  • 1 hand wheel roller
  • 1 hand wheel
  • 1 ramp
  • 1 hard hat
  • 1 tool box
  • 1 wooden plank
  • 1 large helping hand
  • 1 small helping hand
  • 1 large electric bolt
  • 1 small electric bolt
  • 1 spinner track
  • 1 spinner
  • 1 work bench with tracks
  • 2 work bench legs
  • 1 swinging arm
  • 1 loading dock
  • 1 large red pole
  • 2 small red poles
  • 1 small helping hand base
  • 9 connectors
  • 1 frame

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